Friday, November 20, 2009

Feeling old?


My oldest grand daughter had her first date tonight. It was also her first school dance. She has been talking about it for a while. Excitedly sharing what details she could with her granny. She had a new dress to wear. She wanted her hair "just so." She would be getting her picture taken with her date and would send me a copy. Sigh. I somehow knew that this would be OK. That her Mom would survive this, as would her grandma. Best of all, no shotgun would be required. Her date had been properly screened and approved. I think he was at least as excited as she for this dance.

I had her Mom send me a picture before the two headed out.

I've decided to share.

Here you go:

Doesn't every six year old girl dream of marrying her daddy? Who better for the first date! (Don't you love the "fur" stole? I think this kid plays with too many Barbies)

Meanwhile on the home front. Baby sister seems to have disappeared, ET style.

With that, I am going to go to bed and watch a bit of TV. I wonder what lies waiting in the DVR?