Friday, November 6, 2009

A crazy sad day

Today, November 6th, 2009.

My family (both birth and "choice") is full of police officers and teachers. Two of the three toughest jobs (military making up the third). It seems that babysitting the communities has become tougher and tougher. And scarier and scarier. As a firm believer of the right to bear arms, and a concealed carry permit "owner" the latest event in the Seattle area, as well as the Texas massacre, has really shaken me. Not in the way that one might assume, as I contemplate my "accessories" each day. The sadness I feel is deep. Down to my core. The idea that a person can open fire on someone, unprovoked physically, is frightening. Even more humbling for me is the thought that had I been in the area I would have been morally forced to draw my weapon and fire it. Could I have done it? Absolutely. Would I be able to get on with life as usual? My usual would be forever changed. Yet I think the senseless shooting death of Officer Brenton has already changed my "usual." You see, I was raised to respect people in uniform. I am actually in awe of them, and have been since I was a tot. It saddens me when a bad apple is discovered, but it doesn't mar the respect I feel, as I know those are the minority. Even in my days of rebellion I could never disrespect police officers, or teachers.

As the city begins to shut down streets for the funeral procession of Officer Brenton my tears begin to fall. For his young family. For his fellow officers. For Seattle. For that tad bit of innocence that was taken by a yet to be found gunman. For those of us that choose to legally carry, and the ramifications that doing so may hold. Sometimes life is just so very sad.

Rest in Peace, Officer Timothy Brenton. Take care, Officer friends and family.


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Lori Thornbrue said...

There are sure some terribly sad days in this world.....! And, I do want you to know that I DO count my blessings EVERY day. I really do. Especially after subbing for kids with special needs (mainly emotional) for the last week. But, that doesn't mean that some days, times or seasons aren't a bit difficult!