Sunday, November 22, 2009

Of puppies and kids

I think I am causing some interesting developments in the grand kids, especially the oldest. She is very artistic, and very much into getting my attention. Sadly, she has come to realize that her best bet at my undivided attention is to become a dog. So she made herself some ears. (She now also has kitty ears, horse ears, etc, etc.) I have taught her poorly, it seems. Or perhaps she is a puppy and her ears are not up yet. Perhaps a taping lesson is in order? Whatever it is, she is more than content, and comfortable, wearing her dog ears out (no matter that they are floppy) wherever we happen to go. I must say, I feel just a teeny tiny bit guilty, but for the most part I am loving it! I see dog crates and grooming tables in the future. For what it is worth, I did insist that she take the collar and leash off. She does still get to wear the diva beads, as can be seen in the picture above. My dogs are collarless, as collars are much too dangerous. The same certainly applies to her. I do worry a bit as she is not yet microchipped and she could run off and get lost...however, I must say she does mind a lot better than my two doofuses that live with me. For the most part when I tell her to "come" she does, and when I tell her to "wait" she also does that. At times the constant noise from the mouth can get old, but it is livable. Best of all she is housebroken. I think I will keep this one around. Besides, she has to teach the new pup the ropes, and she is darn good with her and loves to snuggle.


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Lori Thornbrue said...

Darling pictures. Love it! Two of my girls were 'literally' kitties for about 2 YEARS of their life. they would crawl around meowing, and rubbing against our legs. I kept worrying about their mental health....but it was just fantastic creativity. They aren't cats anymore, just fantastic mothers!