Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday, Monday

so good to me.

Indeed. I slept last night. This time change thing has all three of us messed up a bit. I think I was in bed around 7:30 and up by 4am. I remember waking up at one point and looking at the clock. To my disgust it was 9:40pm!!! I was afraid it was going to be another very long night, but t'was not to be, thank goodness. It was quite cold. I hear in the 30s again. There was no frost this morning, but now, at almost 1pm, I am still only contemplating washing the truck. It is the idea of a wet foot that keeps me in here. I am sleep deprived enough that the idea of being cold is almost more than I can handle.

There is also the fact that my poor neighbor has a huge mound of dirt in the driveway, and the water from washing the truck would likely flow right to the pile. The poor man is having to change out his water pipe. 550 feet of water pipe. In an effort to get through the winter he is hoping to shove a one inch poly pipe into the two inch PVC pipe; like a liner. This summer he would change it out when all is nicely dry again. He finally had to call the water company in to find the leak. Sadly they found "a lot of small leaks." He says he was down looking at the meters. Mine was not moving. His was. And there was nothing turned on, and he had pulled the sprinkler system off the main. There are three people and a dog that live there. Hardly worthy of a $600 monthly bill; unless the dog sneaks in and takes extremely long showers each day, which she swears she doesn't.

I've finished wiring up the doggie motel. I have developed a strange joy in playing with electrical. I cannot explain it, perhaps it is just the challenge as it really is like a puzzle. A more active puzzle. I need active right now. I am very slowly trying to build back up to the activity level I was on when the surgery knocked me for a loop. I am just not a patient person, and perhaps that is my lesson in all of this. I love that the dogs are back into their activity niche. I could really see their lack of conditioning beginning to show. It didn't take long at all to get it back and I can only hope for the same for me. We are back to four trips out daily during which they run non-stop for about twenty minutes. It sure helps my house to have them tired. We spend a total of three hours out there. If the weather is decent we will get in another hour.

I never did figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up. While I shudder to think of myself as a "grown up" I must say that I am pretty darn happy with where I am in my life. I can pretty much do whatever I want to do; albeit oft times in "different" ways. The people that I have met, and the ways they came into my life only makes the adventure more fun. While I care deeply about many things, I pick and choose what, and how, that occurs. My dogs are extremely important because they make me laugh. It is impossible to stay angry when I look down at these two little stumpy dogs with the laughing faces. They are both extremely driven. That drive seems to be to pull "fun" out of everything. It can be a bit obnoxious at 4:30am when they are fighting over my right foot, which I am trying hard not to move. Once they know I am awake they are quick to dig the covers off and vie for the between the toes morning bath ritual. One morning I tried throwing a pillow at them. A new game was born as the two ran happily down the hall with the pillow carried by both. Within five minutes the pillow was "dead" and the innards everywhere. Kate even had a tuft of fluff on an eyebrow. I am pretty sure the two planted that tuft precariously on the eyebrow. They knew I could not stay mad when she stared at me with the eyebrow she must've borrowed from my High School History teacher. Needless to stay, I do not throw pillows anymore.

I do choose to focus on the humorous as much as possible. The world is too scary and I refuse to go there. Politics? I think not! It is not that I don't care, it is that I don't feel I have time to be giving even minutes to things out of my control; things that might depress me. Besides, when I am "off" the two dwarfs get testy with each other in an effort to be the one that makes me feel better. Who needs a Mom, Grandma, friend, who is suffers from "Eeyore syndrome?" We all know one. You know the type. "Woe is me. Life sucks. No body loves me." Oh go eat worms for heaven's sake!! So I am off to the post office. I may stop at the park on the way down or back. Then to WallyWorld to return some parts I didn't need for the wiring project. It is always enjoyable to wander Walmart and people watch. Is this what "they" call the simple life??


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Grandma L said...

We must be idential twins. I did the same exact thing you did with that time change thing. Went to bed with the chickens and woke up and To my disgust it was 9:40pm!!!
I'm still tired.