Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Not quite 60, but nice enough.

The neighbor's water main project went off without a hitch, almost. His Dad, another friend, and his self were all out shoving the one inch line through the five hundred feet of two inch line and it seemed almost too easy. The first 350' feet went in quite smoothly. However, a Kitsap potato caused a bit of fear for this neighbor, who went out to chat with the "boys" and found one laying in the driveway. It seems that he went to take a step away and his toe caught on a rather big chunk of rock (potato) and down he went. I grabbed a chair and made him sit for a bit once he was up (I think he was a tad embarrassed by my attention to him). He bruised his hip on his keys when he fell, and that seems to be the extent of his injuries, thank goodness. The pain was dealt with via beer. Hey, whatever works, I guess. They then hooked up the second roll of pipe and began slowly pushing it through. Soon enough Scott drove the tractor down to the main road and announced that it was through. Ten minutes later it was hooked up down there, then flushed and hooked up here. I think the whole project took about an hour, maybe two if you count beer breaks. Calls were made and it was found that the line will not need to be replaced. 3/4" is often used for mains now. I am eager to follow them down to revel in the fact that with the water off his meter is no longer running...I think he will revel in the fact that $600 water bills are a thing of the past.

So I will now get a change to wash and wax the truck. Kate has been bathed and groomed. She needed the bath and it was really the only way I could tell if she would be showable in two weeks. The shedding has dropped down now and while she certainly doesn't have a nice full coat, I think we will enter the ring anyway. She looks good enough. Henry will get his chance after the truck is washed. We have dog class tonight, so he may not get his bath until tomorrow. I don't think he will mind.

So I am off for now. I will enjoy the last hurrah of summer...(Make note: change wiper blades)


Oh wiper blades! Good thing you reminded me~


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