Monday, November 16, 2009

A badly needed break

It is time to take a dog show break. Kate is due to be in season shortly, and I have need to do some studying. I am incredibly confused as to what is being looked for in this breed, and what I personally want out of my own dogs. I sit with paperwork and measuring tape. This will be the fun part. I have never evaluated a dog mathematically. The breed standard does just that and a serious breeder should do the same just so they know where improvement is needed and who can best fit the bill for the other half of the gene pool. Congrats to the winners this past weekend. Nice job. Have y'all (besides Kim) measured and documented your guys too? I think I must've missed that lesson ;-)

So today we are being a bit lazy. The rain is pounding down. I will be making a trip to Vashon later this morning, but other than that I am sticking close to home. I think I need to make sure my house doesn't float down the hill and into Puget Sound! I badly want to ride the motorcycle. I have been too consumed by the dogs and it is time for a mental health break before the holidays hit. Rain is forecast for the next week, so it looks like it won't be any time soon.

With that I am off to Southworth. I'm getting a heckuva deal on a garden wagon/cart with nice big tires. YES!!


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