Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanks giving

First to my family. I could not be prouder to be a mother and a grand mother. All of my kids have really stepped it up a notch. Through the adversity that was their young lives, they have grown into loving, caring contributors to a better society. All have incredible work ethic and a great love of family and people in general. I strive to be more like them. This parenting thing keeps getting better and better.

And my friends. As the circle expands, I feel more and more blessed. It is so empowering; I feel I can do almost anything as I have so many holding me up.

My animals. They have given me much. I may indeed be the "crazy dog lady" of this little town. The stumpy dogs seem to draw a certain folk. The stumpy horse as well. I am incredibly smitten by both, and new friends keep feeding my habit. There are worse things, for sure. Thanks for all the help and ideas. My heart overflows, as do the tear ducts, when I think of all that I have done and those I have met in the past year.

My health. While tenuous at times, this old body has had a darn good year. Still in remission even through a surgery. I have pushed it harder than ever and all is well. I have worn out components in the removable leg. I will continue to test the limits. In fact, there are no limits. I will be running again come summer. "I don't need no durn drugs (as in meds, guys)." I will not sit still and let life go on around me. With no expiration date stamped on me, I have way too much I want to do and no idea how long I have to do it all. Am I sore? Absolutely. Blisters? Yep. On the left side they are mid leg instead of heel and toe, but they are my badges of honor. I have found that activity is the best pain medicine I have ever taken, and I have been prescribed them all. This coming year will be the year of the Triathlon. Having good docs and protocol in place in case the PG rears its head makes this all possible. I am grateful for the health care that we have available to us.

My faith. It carries me, and it keeps me "real." It also makes the trials a little easier to deal with. 'Nuff said.

The tomato. While eating them is not something I enjoy, the tomato has become a symbol of laughter, love, and letting go for me. I cannot peruse the produce aisle without smiling. That is an excellent thing!

Oh, one more thing I am thankful for, and Arlo says it best:

I don't want a pickle

Just want to ride on my motorsickle

And I don't want a tickle

'Cause I'd rather ride on my motorsickle

And I don't want to die

I just want to ride on my motorcy...cle


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