Sunday, July 26, 2009

6:20am on a Sunday morning

It is beautious. Seriously. That is the word I would pick to call the morning. We had thunder, lightning, and torrential downpours last night. It was still in the 80s; OK maybe high 70s; it was warm, and it was muggy. I was out doing some last minute running around as I will be gone again today. Everyone I saw said the same things: "At least I won't need to water" which was preceded by "weird weather." This morning I see the results of that weird weather. Everything is cleaner. Everything seems a teeny, tiny, bit greener. The birds are singing like crazy and the woodpecker in the woods sounds his slow rhythmic drumming. The osprey clutch has hatched. Again I hear the sound of the city coming from the nest. You know those "walk" signals that chirp? I think they must have recorded the osprey nest then decided to play a cruel joke on us former city dwellers. I never hear those signals and think "osprey." I hear osprey and think "walk signal." There was an eagle out. She was flying overhead followed by the obligatory crow. Just one this time. Unfortunately for the crow she had nothing in her talons when he began to torment her. Then, she hit. It was a thing of beauty, and one that has puzzled me for years...I know, that sentence makes no sense, but it is 6:30 on an Sunday! Cut me some slack!! The eagle had enough of the crow and she grabbed him.Interestingly enough she then dropped him. Whether she didn't want her family eating crow, or didn't wanted the crow's extended family exerting their wrath, I know not. I couldn't keep myself from yelling "ALL RIGHT!!" Eagle:1 Crow:zero I suspect when I get home the neighbor dog will have found the crow and will leave it by my door. She loves me. Not unlike a cat, she leaves me gifts. This gift, however, will make me chuckle.

Yesterday I was in Sequim for the first of two dog shows. It was in the 90s. It was outside. The grass was no longer green, or alive. It literally jumped on Kate as soon as she entered the ring. All of my meticulous grooming and she was suddenly covered in dead grass. Perhaps it is the fact that she is a dwarf dog and she kicked it up on herself when she walks. I know not how it got there, but noticed that the nice judge also had it all over him. So it goes for outdoor shows in the summer. Kate looked great. She wouldn't move out, however. In class she drug me. In the ring I drug her. Perhaps it will be a bit cooler today and she will be more animated. It was strange. It was really a lot cooler in the shade. I was blessed to have a seasoned show man in the ring with me. He just informed the judge, in the form of a question, that we were not going to be setting our dogs up in the sun. I have officially arrived into the inner sanctum of the dog show people. For whatever reason it took a while. Perhaps it is the class I took. Perhaps it was the grooming time. Perhaps it is that there were only three of us. It was nice, whatever the reason. With that I need to go prepare my dog for another day. I think I really AM that crazy dog lady that my oldest offspring uses to describe me...I give myself an hour to groom her, and five minutes for myself. That, and I just let out a blood curdling yell as I waited quietly for her to do her duty, or doody. There are more critters who enjoy the damp grass...there are slugs, and dear Kate found one. sigh. Does anyone know if I can use salt to melt slug slime off my dog's face??

The next topic will be a discussion of the term "Western Reserve."

Carry on.


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