Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I hate fundraising

With Drum and Bugle Corps and band I did so much that I am still burned out forty years later. But, I need to get over it if I am going to walk in the 3 Day. Yep, I have to come up with a lot of dinero in order to torture this poor body for 3 days and 60 miles.

Darling daughter has lots of ideas, but her pregnant belly is draining the stamina and will to "get 'er done." So I need to pick up the reins and see that we have the funding to do the walk. She has come up with a ton of wonderful ideas. We, or I, need to get on the band, or bugle, wagon and take her ideas and run, or gimp, with them.

So, dear readers, friends, enemies, confidants...any ideas on coming up with a quick 5K would be greatly appreciated...sigh


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