Friday, July 3, 2009

Hot, dry, and fires

It is much drier this summer than it has been for several years. I have been listening to the fire sirens all day. My daughter said that she saw two helicopters carrying water bags to the north and to the south of her place. Yet people still set off fireworks. They also still throw their ciggy butts out the window. Hey dudes and dudettes, the wife/husband/employer knows! Throwing it out the window does NOT erase the evidence. Sheesh.

Anyway. I dislike fireworks with a passion. I didn't like them as a kid. I really didn't like them as a teen when I realized that they mimicked the sounds of war, and we were deep into Vietnam. I hated them when I worked the summer job packing and shipping them out to all the stands. I like them as a screen saver on the computer, and I rather enjoy the big aerial shows. I just think it all should be left to the pyrotechnicians. Yes, I know that even they can have problems and accidents, but they generally know how they can be deployed in the safest way possible. They do not fill their every cell with celebratory alcohol prior to the show. They do not let their toddlers wander while lighting bottle rockets and black cats. When the show is over, that is it. The booms and bangs began here yesterday. I am surrounded by reservation land. I think a trooper or deputy should be on every road out of the reservation. How many "kids" end up in the trauma center each year? How many animals flee never to be found, or found dead on the road? This year it seems safest to leave the horse out of the barn. She is nervous and pacing. But I feel that locking her up could be more dangerous should a bottle rocket torch the woods surrounding the property. Unpatriotic? I think not. You are reading from the person who cries when the National Anthem is played. I just think that parties and explosives do not mix well, and when their has been no rain for weeks it quickly turns an insane and unsafe evening into a recipe for disaster.

With that said I will go to bed and watch a bit of TV. It likely will be a bunch of MJ tributes. I am amazed at the parallels between him and the other "King." At least the way their last few years of life were, anyway. It does amaze me that the general public seems to think that every one who is any one will never die. This poor man/child has been dying for years. It is sad, but it is life. A few short years ago he was trashed by everyone. Now that he is dead all of that is replaced with honor and worship. The human mind can be a very strange beast. I will acknowledge that it has been a tough year for Hollywood. Cancer, age related, "accidents." Did Elvis' doctor ever serve time or lose his license? I cannot remember. If they find Propofol in MJ's tissue samples I suspect we will see the doctor spending some time in the big house with the rest of the high paying executives that are "setting examples." And, while I am on this little rant, what medical person doesn't think to put a person on the floor to do cardiac massage? Come on, dude, the guy only weighed 20 pounds...

Wow, I am on a roll. I think I need to end this on an up. How about a patriotic kitty cat?

Y'all have a safe 4th. Keep the water hose ready and the buckets filled for those sparkler wires. I will have my flag up.

Happy Birthday, America.


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Grandma L said...

Loved your post. I also think it strange that people start worshipping certain celeb's after they die. I have another question about Mr J. How come his kids look totally white? I thought he was the biological father. I know the odds are that you could have one out of three, but three out of three with no hint of black genes. And this does not mean I am racist for Pete's sake.