Monday, July 6, 2009

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We all have our electronic diversions. It is an interesting phenomenon. I remember thinking "myspace? no way." I have a facebook account, but spend little time there. It is my way of keeping up with my nephews. The grand thing is that I get an email when anything comes up and I can then go to the site and make my comment. The big thing now is "twitter." I have never been on the site, and have enough diversions, so likely will wait at least until winter to check it out. Any one that knows me also knows that I tend to stay away from those "in" things. I think I have only opened an Oprah mag once; and it was not one that I bought, but one that was in a waiting room and I decided I would rather thumb through it than US News and World Report. The lessor of the two evils.

My guilty pleasure these past few months is wefoal and marestare. I think I have mentioned these sites before; basically they are sites where horse breeders can put a live feed of their soon to foal mares. They can go about their days and know that the mares are being watched. If something kicks in to high gear the phone number is dialed and the owner alerted. If things go bad the camera is turned off. Luckily that rarely happens. It can be great fun, and things can get done around the house and the live feed left up so I can look and clean. It is much cooler today, so I can handle being in the house. It is filthy and I actually look forward to cleaning. Star is also in early labor. Her tail is going and she is pacing a bit. On occasion she wanders outside, then immediately comes back into camera view. Perhaps by noon she will have a foal at her side. Perhaps by noon I will have the front room clean as well. It is my win-win for the day. That said, I am off to clean as little Star continues her pacing. Sometimes this electronic stuff makes me smile.


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Lori Thornbrue said...

I am trying to break away from the computer except for business and family can take too much time that I could better use in study.....but there are mighty interesting things to be found! It is already 90 this morning, and it isn't even 10 yet. Ouch!
Hope you get your house clean, then you can come and do mine!
Love and miss you.