Thursday, July 30, 2009

Oh how I wish...

We could have gotten even down to the 70s! Perhaps my fridge would be a place to put the thermometer!! We hit a record high of 104 yesterday. People and dogs were in and out of the pool all day. All available fans and a/c were running full speed all night. This morning I was delighted to find that my room was 72 degrees. I had shut the door to the master bath, the closet, and the hallway. The a/c was set at 68, so it must've run full speed the entire night. My last dip in the pool was around midnight in hopes of cooling off enough to get some sleep. (At that point it felt about the same temperature outside as in.) The dogs lay on their backs, tummies in air, about five feet from the a/c. When I got up around 2am and went into the bathroom I felt like I had stepped into a sauna. This morning I am thinking I will tarp the skylights. I have two. One in my bathroom and one in the kitchen. I think a lot of heat comes from them. I have three weather sites bookmarked and each says something different for the day. I wish I could pick one and let it be true. The NOAA site has us at 90 today. MSN has us at 87...I know, it is only three degrees, but at this point I can actually feel three degrees! What is interesting is that the two have night time temperatures a few degrees different as well, but the NOAA site has us at three degrees cooler than the least for right now. I guess it shows that weather forecasting is still an art rather than a science. Personally, I wouldn't mind going back to the cartooning weathermen of my youth. They seemed about as adept at predicting as the "first alert doppler" of today.

The climb to the roof will wait until after the doctor appointment. (OK, Linda?) My ribs are feeling worse and just the pressure from the water at nine feet down was incredibly painful. Besides, I am on little sleep as it is hard to get comfortable. My daughter called this morning on her way to work. I am usually up at 6am, so it is no big deal. This morning however, I was so sound asleep that I remember trying to turn off the alarm clock when she called. I couldn't figure out why I had set it. The funny thing was that it stopped when I tried turning off "alarm 2." It wasn't until I got settled back in bed that I realized the music playing was "my brown eyed girl" which is my baby girl's ring tone. I am hoping she will tell me that she is coming over after work. I think she would benefit from some pool time. Wouldn't we all??

With that I am off to the clinic, after I close down the house in hopes of keeping it in the 80s today. I think when it finally does rain I will be out standing in it, as will Windy. This has gotten old. Very, very old. (The stagnant air HAS made for some stunning sunsets, I must say!)


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