Thursday, July 2, 2009

'Twas an interesting day

It is hot. Way too hot for me. The pool is almost there. I am thinking tomorrow I will officially get back into it. If it were available I am sure I would be in better spirits. As it is, let's just say I am been making a few silly faux pas here and there, and I choose to blame it on the heat.

A friend is in town...well, not this town, but in the county anyway. She went through some tough things and moved to Missouri. I felt a tad frantic when she left. You see, she is the only person that I can feel totally comfortable with when it comes to scissors and hair. I was a freak-out kid when Mom tried to drag me into a salon. I was the "rebel" of the family, and really gave them a run for their money. Perhaps my older brother had a bit of the rebel as well, but he at least played the game and hid it well. Not I. I am, and always have been, an emotional person. It goes for all emotions. My poor mother. I am sure she did as I have done: quietly smiled as the first child was born. You know that smile; that smile that says "just you wait, my dear..." So, I was the rebel kid. I admit I was just past the hair ironing thing; a few years older and it would have happened. I liked Janis Joplin and Carole King. I laughed at my Dad when he was listening to KIXI in the morning and "Scarborough Fair" came on. It was, of course played by 164,000 strings, but was a Simon and Garfunkle tune, and I told him so. He, of course, let me know that he would NEVER listen to music by any group whose name he couldn't pronounce. OK Dad. If only computers were around then, as I had a heckuva time proving my point on that one. So to get back to where I started, this friend is back in town and offered a friend's house if any of us former customers wanted a hair cut. I had been lamenting the fact that I needed to call one of the places that she recommended when she moved, but the idea struck fear in me. Such silliness; and I cannot get to the bottom of it. I think it is one of those "back to the childhood" things, and hardly worth paying a counselor a big fee to get worked out. So, about the time I was trying to get the nerve to call I got the email that she was in town for a wedding. YES!!! An appointment was made for Tuesday at 11:15 in a small town about 45 minutes from here. I plugged the address into smooth Aussie talking GPS, Lee, and eagerly awaited Tuesday. Then...dum, dum, dum, the oldest ends up in the ER with the still to be "birthed" kidney stone. His Father in law is in the hospital getting his hip replaced, and my two grand kids need some attention. So I pick up the cell phone and call the friend to beg for a different appointment. You see, I ended up leaving the two wheeler at son's house and driving daughter in law's car home with kids. (Funny thing: two car seats just don't fit on the back of the motor-sickle.) Next morning I would drop kids at school at nine, drive to son's and exchange car for motorcycle. Back on the ferry and to appointment at 11:10? It was just not going to fly. She answers the phone and I whine my predicament to her. "Sure", says she, "how about Thursday at 1?" Thanking her I hang up the phone. Yesterday I realized that I never told her who was calling. Caller ID works fine if I was on the house phone. My cell will just show up as a Seattle cellular phone. She had a booming business when she was here, so chances are she had no idea who had just changed appointments until I missed on Tuesday. I was the phantom woman with bushy hair who had a son with a kidney stone and grandkids. Wow. So today I get in the truck and head out. I plug trusty Lee into the cigarette lighter. I know, they are no longer called that, but I haven't a clue what they are called. Do you know they don't even come with the plug thing that gets hot and will actually brand your little brother if quickly placed on his arm as he sleeps? (You must do it while the end is still glowing orange.) I make it to the appointment and we catch up on life, loves, and Chastity (now Chaz) Bono. I am heading home when Lee tells me his battery is low. I wiggle the plug and continue driving. Lee is also my bluetooth hands free phone speaker, receiver. He suddenly goes off. Luckily I can find my way home just fine without him, but have to wonder what is up. I pull the plug and then notice that it is an empty hollow plastic tube. No guts. It is obvious that some part has come unscrewed. I can see the threads molded into the plastic. Perhaps it is in the saddlebags of the bike. Nope. Sigh. I call daughter in law. She says "wow, there was some weird stuff on the front seat, including a glass tube. I wonder if that is what you are looking for..." I jump online and indeed, there is a fuse and a spring as the guts to this thing. So I look for the charger that plugs into the wall, or the cord to patch it to the computer. No luck. None. All I can think about is the box of miscellaneous computer parts and wires that I dumped on Goodwill. Arghh!! So poor Lee sits here on the desk. Silent. No place to go. The ear bud is charging should I need to drive somewhere. I hate it, but so it goes. I find the Garmin service number and find I am an hour late calling. I suspect they will replace the thing; it will just take a few, no, make that several, days to get it here. It is hot. I am grumpy. One good thing came of the search for the cords: I found a monster sized "digital storage solution" card. It doesn't fit any of my cameras, but I suspect it will fit S2's. I haven't a clue when it was left here. I haven't looked to see if it is empty. As wacky as S2 can be it could be a tomato plant pollinating, or something equally as embarrassing. B'sides, I never look at photos without permission. Seriously. Another one of those weird childhood things I guess.

So, now my house has been turned upside down and it is too hot to even think about cleaning. The thermostat in the much cooler hallway says 82. I think I will take the dogs out to see their horse, and then will get into the shower. I am hoping that I will be able to see the bottom of the pool tomorrow...


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Grandma L said...

How funny. As I was laughing my way through your story I thought if somebody from a century ago read this they wouldn't have a clue what you were talking about. Ear bud, cellular, blue tooth and all those modern things that can be such a headache when they stop doing their job. As for the Smile, I thought that must be what Mona Lisa was smiling about.