Thursday, July 23, 2009

It's all about black, or maybe white...

This is the only "before" picture that I have. The project involved dealing with the rust on the metal legs that raise and lower the camper so that it can be put onto the truck. Both the legs and the brackets were rusty, and living so close to the salt water means my best bet for keeping them a goodly amount of time is to seal them.

It was time to go do some painting. As soon as I step out the door I can see that my truck has already been christened. Black? or white? I'm thinking black (crow) rather than white (sea gull). Who ever it was came into the carport to christen my doggie motel's chariot. I gather the "supervisor", mask the areas that I don't want painted, and begin work. Suddenly I realize that my "rolling stock" really has been increasing, and I am in need of a bigger carport, or another tent, or I need to "chill out" about leaving things to the weather; which is way too much work as it would require constantly waxing the trailer and camper due to the weather in these here parts. At any rate I am quite pleased with the decision to go gloss white on the jack legs.
I turn back and find our little friend checking out the ladder to the roof. If I liked to eat tomatoes, at this point I would be eating this thing...

Perhaps black would be better, if I were trying to accent a tomato.
While the paint was drying I was running to the nursery for salad greens. All of mine bolted in the hot weather. Sadly, I was only able to get some romaine. I will say right here that the straw bales were amazing for a veggie garden. I have never had an easier time. The height was perfect. There were few weeds. Everything grew, and is growing, like crazy. This is big. Really big. Bigger, by far, than upside down tomato plants! Mark my words.

Glad your rosy orbs have been put to work :)
How about a picture of growing like crazy hay bales? I wanna see!

Love the doggie motel...has Rosy Orb been inside yet?


Rosy O...I like it. Heck no, she hasn't been inside. She has paint on her feet! Perhaps I should take some paint thinner to her, eh?


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