Monday, July 20, 2009

Questioning the existance of the "norm"

Yes, indeedy, I am in search of the "norm." Each morning I awake at the ungodly hour of 6am, take a deep breath, and say to myself "today should be a normal day." Well, in reality it is more like "PLEASE let this be a normal day!" To be honest I really am not sure what "normal" even means to me...but I am going to guess that it would be a day where I could get a couple of things done that are on the long list of to dos. However, no matter what I might get done there are three more things that have jumped aboard the to do train, so whatever is done is quickly overshadowed by what needs to be done. I have so many projects that have begun but are not yet complete. I am hoping that one day I will get all, or most, completed and then feel as if I have truly done something. At this point the lawn, or weeds, need to be mowed. The driveway nettles are reaching out to bite me as I ride the bike down. The pump still has not been taken apart for new gaskets (it's been hot and I haven't wanted to risk more than a day without the pool). The lifts on the camper have had the rust sanded down and three have been primer painted with rust-o-leum, but need to be finish coated. And, of course, because of the heat and dust, my house needs a dusting and vacuuming. Of course I will be gone this weekend to dog shows, so Kate takes precedence over everything; but she always does anyway. So with all this on my plate, and of course a gazillion others, is this now "the norm?" If it is I am wondering why I keep hoping for a normal day. I know I am not hoping for a day of just sitting around...that makes me crazy. I spent so many years of my life in bed (a SICK bed, you sickos) that I have trouble just sitting in front of the computer for a couple of hours. I think I have HDD, but not the ADD in front of it. Perhaps a day of methodically working through the list would be just the ticket. I feel that it is only best to wait until after 9am to start the lawn mower. However, last night at around 11pm the neighbor guy was out whistling and yelling, so perhaps I can amend that to 7am...He lives alone with "Punky" the cat. He wasn't calling the cat; I think he heard me talking to the dogs on their last trip out for the night. His tendency is to whistle or make a lot of noise after which I yell "hello" and he crashes through the woods. Needless to say the dogs and I made a quick trip back into the house, quickly slamming the front door shut and turning off all visible lights. Can you say "creepy?" Can you now say "NOT normal?"

With that it is time to go start up the lawn mower and get my day in order. It could be interesting to see what "in order" means today.


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