Thursday, July 23, 2009

MUCH better

It is a cooler and overcast day. Yesterday started the same way and got pretty warm after about noon, but I can get a lot done between the time I climb out of bed and noon. The lawn mower is still embedded in dust and blackberries in the back forty. The machete is propped beside it as much needs to be hacked down prior to shoving the lawn mower into the mess. Prior to the machete the loppers are used, and they hang precariously on the fence wire. I am sure in the next ten minutes Windy will have taken them down, as she is always the "helper." Two of the jacks on the dog motel are painted a white gloss. They look much better and I think my brain was suffering heat stroke when I bought gloss black. The camper is white, the truck is white...why on earth would I want the jacks to stand out?? So the next job before I head to the feed store and Costco will be the first coat on the other two jacks and the second coat on the two I painted yesterday. Amazingly enough the back jack that I did yesterday didn't bubble up even though the pipe was hot to the touch. Yep, black primed steel pipe in the direct sunlight of a 90 degree day gets pretty must've been another brain fart. Or perhaps it was the brain injury that occurred when I stood up too quickly as I was still under the overhang of the camper. Doh!!

All the training I have done has given me very strong legs. The upper body? Not so much. All the land clearing has me pretty darn stiff. I have found, however, that the more I work the less "targeted" the stiffness is. Stretching in the pool may be the ticket as well. As stated in an earlier post, I cannot sit still for very long. There is so much to do, and it feels great to push myself physically. At this point all my little projects are pushed aside in favor of the very physical ones. My neighbors to the north just smile and don't offer to help any more. Every once in a while an obligatory offer comes in, followed by "I know, I know, but I just wanted to be sure." These are folks that I would not think twice about asking. Mostly because I never do...I take that back. They helped me get the piano in the sliding glass door a few years ago. No amount of finagling would have seen that in here without help. Have I mentioned lately how much I adore the neighbors to the north? (Yes, all you crazy Canuckians...I love you too.)

With all that said I am off to do a bit of painting. The dogs are down for their morning nap (yea, sure; like I really have any control over that, and like I really put them "down for a nap." I couldn't even do that with my human kids) and the tomatoes are ripe for the picking. I guess I should grab the camera as I go out...more to follow...BWA HA HA HA....


You know, I have wondered what the tomatoes are up to...


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