Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's too friggin' hot

Seriously. Record heat. Record overnight temperatures. This heat could melt records. In fact I am having to turn off the computer because it gets too hot. At night I get into the pool and then go to bed. I then wake up about 3am and close everything down and turn on the a/c in my room. It is the only way to keep from waking with the ugly heat headache.

Yesterday morning would've been funny had it not hurt so much. Once again I awoke and realized I had left the water on into the pool. I quickly (add a "too") jumped out of bed and took off for the outdoors when I found the leg wasn't completely on. This time when I went down the foot board of the bed caught me on the last rib on the left side. I went down hard. I laid there assessing my condition. The wind was knocked out of me and perhaps that rib is cracked. While it hurts to take a deep breath, the lung seems fine. The bruise is pretty impressive, I might add. I got back up, scolding myself. Really, an extra minute or so would not have made a huge difference in the amount of water in the pool with my water pressure. I turned off the water, on the pump, and went for a swim. It hurts to lay down. stupid, stupid, stupid...

I have closed up the house in hopes of keeping it below 80 degrees for a while. Someone from Ohio was complaining about the rain and cold weather they are getting. I told her that somehow her weather ended up here, and that if she will come get it and take it back I will give her all of my tomatoes. People on CraigsList are selling old a/c units for over retail prices. I am going to try to pick up a portable unit in the fall. It would be nice not to have to be sequestered in my bedroom to stay cool. I sure wish the folks that had this house had put in a heat pump way back when...

I see few motorcyclists these days, and the few I see are usually riding in tank tops and shorts. It is like driving in southern California in the summer with no a/c. I remember the trips as a kid. The breeze blowing in the windows was like sticking your arm in an oven. There were many days on a trip south, that Mom vetoed car camping and we went to the nearest Travelodge for the a/c and pool. I completely get it, Mom. However, I don't get riding with no protection. Road rash is too painful, and in my case could turn deadly. The bike is cooking nicely in the garage.

Stay cool. I'm out for a dip in the pool.


Having no AC at all, we'll be checking into a motel for a few days. I know I know! I could live through this, but I'm not sure Ramona could, what with her heart and the air quality. She already has a cough today. I found rooms for tomorrow through Saturday, but can't find anything anywhere for tonight. Am on the waiting list.

I cracked people up yesterday. I was on my way in from picking up the car (the AC only needed to be recharged), made a left turn while walking in, walked right down the pool steps and right back out again. Made all the difference. The pool here is our saving grace.

Wheezily yours

Yep, my saving grace as well. I haven't been dressed in "real" clothes for three days now. When I need to go out I throw a Tshirt and shorts over the swimming suit. I put the dogs in the pool at least once a day as well. I am heading out now to hose down the horse. I was going to wash the patio tables and the water in the hose was so hot it almost burned my hand. Hopefully something will open up for you for tonight. If not a cool shower before bed has worked for Kira. The corgi picnic scheduled for Saturday has been postponed due to the heat. Craziness!!

Well, Ramona is starting to sound ill. Of course, the Access van that was supposed to pick up Ramona an hour+ ago is still not there. She's in the office waiting but it's kinda warm in there. Every time I call Access and ask what's up, I am told it will be another 5 or 10 minutes, and the cab company that is picking her up instead of a van has changed twice. I should have followed my impulse an hour and a half ago and gotten her myself.

When she does get home we're going on a nice drive in the AC, then we'll eat out somewhere, then go to the movies, and that ought to take us to late enough to survive the rest of the day. then tomorrow we'll have a room. (which I'm going to have her pay for I think. She needs to spend down anyhow and the room is for her health, otherwise I'd just stick it out).

Me, I just have all the fans going, and I'm trading out the icy bags from the freezer from time to time. It's hot in here, though.


I'm guessing Seafair has a lot of the rooms pre-booked as well. There is no good timing for this heat, but I suspect the ER will be full of sunburn/heat stroke cases by the time the races are over.

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