Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Is it Wednesday?

First things first. Star had a beautiful little filly (I got to watch) and her humans could not be happier.

Next, I spent about twenty hours on the house, and boy does it feel good. I still have the bedrooms and bathrooms, but they were nothing like the rest of the house. The amount of dust that one person and two dogs can drag in is truly amazing. I even cleaned the dust off all the surge protectors and cords...and that had to be about the worst, well barely beating out the books, cds, and movies. It took two full days and the more I did, the more I saw. By the end of the week the rest of the house will be done. I am taking it in smaller increments as I have other things to do as well, and like I said, it is no where near as bad. Thank goodness the heat wave has gone for now. I vow to do weekly cleanings, as my mother did. It may not always be on the same day of the week as dog shows may interfere, but it will happen. After fifty years I finally understand what I always thought was Mom's obsession with Saturday house cleaning. It so easily can get nasty, and when the dust bunnies grow to dust hippos it is time to make some changes. This place will never, ever, get as bad as the house I left and I shudder to even consider the comparison. However, it was to the point of not wanting drop in visits, so it was pretty bad. Now I can smile again, and can take a cd from the bookcase without having an allergy attack.

With that I am off to take care of the guest bathroom. Who would have ever thought I would get such joy from cleaning? Certainly not I.


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