Sunday, July 5, 2009

Cooling down

It is a cooler 79 degrees in the hallway right now. I am good as I just soaked down in the now blue and clear see-ment pond out my back door. (Alright, it is really fiberglass, but Granny always made me smile; she brought out the redneck in me, what can I say?)

Yesterday was a day of partying...again, what can I say? ;) Two great parties, with the second being next door so I could keep an eye on the critters and the house. By dusk the little horse was a bit worked up. After the big show across the street began I could hear her run with each window shaking blast. I went out to be with her for the duration. Today she is calmer, but upon cleaning the field I can see that she was really worked up, as it appears I have a cow out there rather than a horse. I will need to watch her closely for the next couple of days and make sure she doesn't dehydrate. I will also be giving her Probiotics until her gut returns to normal. I think next year I will be back to locking her up and turning on the music. Nothing can really be done about the big bangs as it is a fact of my life here. I guess I will just plan on July 4 nights in the barn.

I realized that it has been more than a month since I went target shooting, and that is a big no no. When I got my CCP one of the things I vowed was that I would get to the range at least every three weeks. So, guess what I will be doing tomorrow? I rather enjoy it and am looking forward to it. The sad thing about it is that ammo is very expensive now, and a bit hard to find. I have plenty as I listened to what the NRA said prior to the election and stocked up. Sadly, all that they have said has proven to be true. I try hard not to think about it and pick up any I can find whenever I go out. It is weird to have to put it into the budget, but it is now at that point. I guess we must be vigilant in doing our homework or our rights will be down the toilet. Scary times.

In other news: the garter snakes are quite pretty this year. Instead of the yellow stripes, this year's batch have red stripes. I have only seen one yellow striped this season, and believe me I have seen plenty. The corgis leave them alone, which keeps me quite happy. The only thing I hate more than being startled by a big 'un sunning, is having to remove a dead one. I mistakenly thought that the crows would take them away and they don't. However the dogs DO enjoy rolling on/in them. The neighbor dog is an amazing snake hunter, but she doesn't take them away either. So they are best off healthy and very much alive. A stomp of my foot nearby sends them slithering off to a safe place in the bushes.

The rain is supposed to come in on Tuesday. I have mixed feelings about it. Now that the pool is open I would prefer to keep the sunshine, but it is always nice to let Mother Nature do the watering. I think I will be swimming in the rain. Chances are that the temps will not drop off too much.

My forecast is for a nice week, and I wish to extend that to all. Don't let yourselves get so wrapped up in "getting there" that you forget to look around and enjoy the beauty of the ride.


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