Friday, July 10, 2009

The Best Laid Plans

One has to smile when trying to control the future; even if the future is a few days, a few months, or a few years ahead. My Dad was a list maker. He made his own "Honey Do" lists, and carefully carried them in his shirt pocket so that he could retrieve them easily and cross out each item as it was done. That was something that I did NOT inherit! For the most part my never ending list is in my head. At times that can be a good thing, at others it does hinder me. Items are always being shuffled on my list. In the summer, for instance, the pool always takes precedenc ( Well, almost always). I look at my garage, which has been sitting in disarray for over two years now. In the summer it is hot and I think "winter project." In the winter it is too cold, and I think "summer project." Since I have been on the cleaning binge, perhaps it will really happen...after pool and dog stuff, of course!

Right now I am working on a truck project. It is actually becoming almost humorous as little "things" keep happening. Wrong parts ordered, deadlines past; that sort of thing. I have been researching the project on the internet in an effort to break the crazy prices. It can be done, but my brain may be fried before it meets fruition. When I am not chuckling I am screaming inside! I know my blood pressure is a bit up, as my ears are ringing big time. This weekend I hope to have this one crossed off the list. I have a wonderful son-in-law who has offered to help, as has my son. Once again my family comes to the rescue. In this case I need many more brain cells in areas that are way out of my knowledge base. For the "I can do it myself" freak that I am, I must say I am delighted to invite the boys to help.

The pool pump gaskets are here and the other project has set this on the back burner...but the NEAR back burner. Each day I run the pump ten hours or more. Then I shut it down so everything can dry. It is leaking a lot, but I don't want the pool to get back to green as I wait to get back to it. Today is already looking like a hot one, so I will be sopping water pretty much all day. The truck must come first this time around. I wish there was a way to carry the truck on the back of the motorcycle so I didn't have to play the "wait for the ferry game."

I hope to get out with the camera and get some pictures this weekend. We have had eagles, ospreys, and herons galore lately with the extreme low tides. I just never think to stop and take pictures as I drive by the tide flats. My brain cells are too loaded up with plans to be able to stop and enjoy the views. Hopefully that will change by the end of the weekend.

Have a great one. It looks to be quite nice; here, anyway.


Once you have seen something, no matter how hard you try, you can't unsee it. Woof! I love that dog.


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