Sunday, July 12, 2009

Rolling thunder

(It seems to be something in the air, S2...check out other titles.)

Saturday saw temperatures in the 90s. I had a date to finish the truck project, which went quite well, but uncovered the pool before I left as I knew I would want to get into it as soon as I could. You know those dark blue bubble covers that float on top of swimming pools? I had one for a few years. In fact I had two, and when it was time to replace it again I did my homework and decided to spring for the bigger buck cover, which was clear so heated the pool water faster. Sounds good, doesn't it? Unfortunately I learned something about the clear cover. It does indeed heat faster, but it also does NOT inhibit algae growth. Next time I will go back to dark blue. sigh. Whatever, says I, I will swim anyway, as the algae growth is just beginning, and only in the deep end. Sometimes just sitting on the bottom in the shallow end takes care of the heat level.

Off I go to do the truck and run a few errands. Along the way I get a dinner invite and have some computer work to do. It generally can be done in twenty minutes or less, but I decide I had best get to it. A few days ago I got a message to update my security on Windows. There is also a bad virus that is going around so I decide I had better get to it. Stupid thing to do. You see it also updated my Office 2007. I have used the program once too often, or so it seems. It locked me out of my master template. Needless to say, even after downloading a new, and free, Word Processor, I was stuck at the computer for about four hours completely rebuilding my master. The temperature rose in the house, and in my brain. By the time I finished I needed to leave for my dinner date. It was quite nice to leave the 88 degrees of my house for the nice cool woodsy retreat where I had dinner. A great time was had by all, but by 8pm I was ready to get home, do chores, and get into my pool. Twenty minutes later I was home, and the thunder was amazing. It was still in the 80s, but the thunder really did not stop or even take a breath. I never had heard "rolling thunder" until last night. Even as it rumbled I could see the sky lighting up over the Olympics. The horse was not pleased as this came a bit to close for the 4th of July. So went my plans for a dip in the pool. Perhaps a flag pole poolside...a very tall, metal, pole would be nice. I made my way back into the house that was still in the high 80s after darkness fell. Well, darkness with bursts of light thrown in here and there. Then the rains came. It pounded on the pool and the sky lights. The dogs thought someone was wanting in, or breaking in, or something. It was truly a wild evening. If it hadn't have been so hot I might have enjoyed it.

Today was cool. While the house was still 81 when I got up this morning, the weather outside must have been in the 60s. At the nearby dog trial people were bundled in blankets trying to stay warm. It was at an old lumber town that sits above the water, so a cool breeze not only kept them comfortable yesterday, but froze them today. Only in the Northwest!!

So the pool is still empty of my body. Empty and uncovered. The pump still leaks, but it is next week's number one project. Tomorrow is supposed to be back in the low seventies. I will be running all day with appointments and all. This nifty leg is not holding up at all with my training. Manufacturing specialists have been called in and I will meet with one tomorrow. At this point I am thinking that this is not going to be the year of the 3 Day for me. If I can't be sure that my leg will remain attached to my body I cannot risk the injury. I will keep up the training and will be on top of it for next year, should I have to bail. It is frustrating and disappointing, but the last thing I need is a relapse of my disease thirty miles in. I will keep at it up until the 10th of September. It is tough to have equipment failure be a deciding factor. I hope there is a solution of some kind tomorrow afternoon. There is nothing worse, or potentially disastrous, than taking a step...and not having a leg to stand on. (Sorry, it had to be said!)

Have a great week, y'all.


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