Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Slowly roasting

The temperature is already beginning to climb and it supposed to be in the 90s this weekend. I think I messed up on entering the show this weekend and am trying to decide if I will just forfeit the entry fees. I found out yesterday that there are a grand total of 3 Cardigan Welsh Corgis entered. Kate is the only one entered in the regular classes and there are two "specials." (They have their Champion titles already.) I can suck it up and go for the experience, I suppose. It also is an outdoor show, and is at a place that is warmer than it will be here. Black dog, outside, grumpy handler. The good, or perhaps bad, news is that on Saturday we have a later ring time: 12:45. Sunday it is at 9:45. What to do, what to do. I'm thinking the camper can use a couple more ribbons...Since my son is calling me the "crazy dog lady", I figure I might as well decorate the "dog motel" with the ribbons we have earned.

I got quite a bit done yesterday. Have I mentioned lately how much I hate S***s? First, I have the C******** line trimmer on wheels. It does a great job on the road to the house and on the back area. In my days of growing up, the S**** line was the best available, and they stood by their tools. This thing has spent as much time at the repair shop as it does working. And after the last use it quit again. So I cranked up the regular weed whacker. I hate it for many reasons. First of all I end up with nettle juice from head to toe. It, sadly, was also of the same brand. And this time I had bought it new as it was on sale. (Picture me beating my head against a brick wall). This one has to be run on full choke. Any touch of the trigger will kill it. But, it ran. So I did too. Down the road and up the other side. I was covered with weed and nettle juice and my arms were beginning to welt up. From my knees down, my jeans were green. My glasses were speckled with shredded vegetation. My son called as I finished. Check for the in line filter on the wheeled model. You likely just need to change that. Out came the ratchet set and I began to disassemble the mower. There is no in line fuel filter...of course not!! By now I am feeling my upper body beginning to stiffen. I knew that I could not stop or I would be done for the day. So I crank up the lawn mower (NOT a S***s!). I quickly mowed all that needed mowing. It felt great, but I needed to keep going as whenever I stopped, no matter how much stretching I did, I would feel my muscles tightening. I re hydrated myself and then my gardens. I cleaned the pasture, the buckets and the dog/kid/horse pool. I then turned on the water and filled the water buckets and stuck it into their pool. Then it was on to MY pool and time for the towel exchange. Temperature in the pool is a nice 80 degrees. At that point it was time to clean up a bit and run to Silverdale to pick up the microwave for the camper.

So today begins another day. The body is a bit stiff and sore, but nothing as I was afraid it would be. Gee, the pasture seems wet. Oops. I left the water on yet again. The clearing behind the pasture hasn't been mowed since the wheeled trimmer went out. The weeds are now about four feet tall. I bring out the taken apart and put back together trimmer and try to start it. Again, as soon as the primer gas is gone it dies. Not to be denied I grab the lawn mower. After two hours I have a swatch mowed through. Dogs are in the field with the horse, who did not do a good job babysitting. I see Henry, but no Kate. Sigh. The neighbor delivered her to me and I am taking a hydration/typing break and will head back out in ten minutes. After that is done I will slip into my 80+ degree pool and cool down. The inside the house thermometer is now at 79. I think the rest of my projects for the day will be sitting until tomorrow morning. This one will likely take another three or four hours to complete. By then I will be in the hottest part of the day.

So out I go, cursing S****/K****. I vow to never step foot in that store again.

Stay cool, y'all.


Yeah babee (who has watched too many episodes of the Deadliest Catch?). It was 90 on the deck today, and guess what, I had to take Ramona to the doc late this afternoon...the AC in the purty 'new' car broke, so yes, we did suffer. Thank heavens I still know how to roll down a window.

At softball practice time, it was still almost 90, but they decided to go forward anyway. We were late because of the medical visit, and really, UTI+heart condition+heat wave=better to go home and have dinner with lots of fluids.

'they' say it will go down to around 80 tomorrow. Crossing fingers...

PS Richard is home and doing well.

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Grandma L said...

It's hot here too. It sure saps your energy. I don't have much yard work and I pay my neighbor to mow my lawn. Believe me it's worth it.