Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wither the Weather?

I came across a great website from which you can track the intricacies of your own local weather. This is it and it should be set to display Kingston weather:,%20WA&wuSelect=WEATHER
Enjoy! It was odd indeed at one point today. I was sitting and watching the temperature rise about a degree every two minutes. At a few minutes after 12pm we hit 100degrees for the first time today. At about 12:20 I see that the direction of the wind has changed. the wind today came from the east much of the time, and it was dragging along quite the heated mass. When the wind changed go coming from a more northwesterly direction, the temperature dropped quickly to the mid nineties. Alas, several more times, allowing plenty of time for the hot stuff to flow down upon us. At 5:30 it was measured as 104.9. Who would have thunk it? Suddenly relocating my "A Guide to the Sky" poster seems neccessary so I've propped it in place. Tomorrow, perchance, to hang. I've taken my bedtime meds for one thing, and for another, my fine motor seems ready to go to sleep. Aside from that, I've got quite the case of hiccups, which you really don't want when you are trying to hammer something quite carefully.

I think a night of sleep, coupled with some daylight will also benefit this project.

I see that at the same exact time that they say it is 78.1 in Shoreline (seems low from how I am feeling it), it also says that in Kingston it is 67.3 over there. Quite a jump! And oh, it is 12:38 am as I am messing around with this stuff.

Talk at ya later, mon ami.

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